Abstract submission

Instructions for abstract submissions

Maximum 25 words. Font Times New Roman, size 12, centered, in capital letters and bold. 

Authors and affiliation

Name and last name (add a comma after each autor), institutional affiliation (identify with a superscript the corresponding institutions for each name), identify with an asterisk the corresponding author and include his/her email address.


Franco, Wilfredo*1 and Asanza Mercedes2
1 Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam, Tena, Ecuador. 2 Universidad Estatal Amazónica UEA, Puyo-Pastaza, Ecuador.
wilfredo.franco@ikiam.edu.ec, gman2260@gmail.com

Leave a double space between authors, affiliation and text.


The abstract should be no more than 300 words, written on Times New Roman, size 12, at one space. It should include the research’s main objective and the justification, a shor explanation about the methors and a synthesis of the results and conclusions. Do not include bibliographical citations and write it as a continuous paragraph, without a full stop.

Kewords: Up to 5, written in lower case and alphabetically ordered.

Language: Spanish, Portuguese or English

How to send the abstract:

The abstract will be sent to the Scientific Committee (ecuador2018_ccientifico@botanica-alb.org) or it could be uploaded in the Congress’ website once this option is ready. The document should be editable and the name of the document should include the last name of the first author, underscore and initial of the first author’s name, as in the following example:


If there are two abstracts from the same author, it should include numbers 1 or 2 as in the example: “Franco_W1.doc” y “Franco_W2.doc”.

The webpage will offer an option to receive a new contribution until 30 April 2018, and you could modify or eliminate abstracts. Once the abstracts have been reviewed and accepted by the Scientific Committee, a letter of approval will be sent to the authors. The presentations will be distributed as oral presentations or posters, depending on the author’s preference and/or the contents/and themes for the congress.

In order to withdraw an accepted abstract, a notification should be sent to ecuador2018_ccientifico@botanica-alb.org, including in the Subject line: Withdrawal of abstract (Abstract’s number) and in the body, include additional information such as abstract number, title and author(s).

We recommend check the congress’ webpage in order to obtain additional information, including instructions for the oral presentations and posters’ format.


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