January 12 2018


Quito, January 21, 2018

The Organizing Committee together with the sponsoring institutions (governmental and academic), are grateful for the acceptance that the XII Latin American Botany Congress (XII CLB) has had among the national and international botanic community when receiving the proposals for the realization of the numerous events that will take place during the XII CLB in Quito from October 21 to 28, 2018.


The Ecuadorian House of Culture – Benjamín Carrión (CCE), a co-organizer of the event, will be working together with the Latin American Botany Association (ALB) and the Ecuadorian Botanical Association (ABE)as the host institution of the XII Latin American Congress of Botany. The CCE was founded in 1944 and bears the name of one of the most important Ecuadorian writers and academics in the country, Benjamín Carrión.

Over the years, the CCE has been expanded and in 2016 it hosted the Habitat III world congress. It is endowed with excellent and ample spaces, located conveniently in the north of the center of Quito. It is located in front of the park “El Ejido” and is close to historical, heritage, cultural, and recreational areas of the city.  Its spaces will now serve as headquarters for XII CLB. It will be a honor for the host country to integrate science and culture as the founder visualized. In this sense, the first topic will be PLANTS AND SOCIETY, which merits these statements.

Additional institutions where parallel activities will be developed include the San Francisco University of Quito (USFQ), the Jatun Sacha Foundation, the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE), and the Amazon State University (UEA). The Marriot Hotel will be the venue where participants and keynote speakers will be staying.


Among the approved core activities, there will be approximately 83 scientific events: (48 symposiums, 9 roundtables, 7 workshops, 11 courses and 8 union meetings.) These parallel activities will soon be available on the website. For the parallel events, we have participation from at least 20 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, United States, France, India, England, The Netherlands, Mexico, Panama, Peru, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. This report contains the following information: organizer(s), country, event title, institution, and contact email(s). We ask the organizers to carefully follow the instructions sent from the Scientific Committee regarding your event.

Contributions (Oral and Posters Presentations)

The abstracts for oral or poster presentations will be accepted until March 31, 2018, and may not be more than two per author. The instructions are detailed below, and they will be evaluated as of April 1, 2018. In the case of comments from the reviewers, the abstracts will be returned to the authors for corrections, with June 15, 2018 as the deadline of the corrected abstracts. Corrected abstracts received after that date will not be accepted.

Instructions for the preparation of summaries


Maximum of 25 words. Font is Times New Roman, size 12, centered, uppercase and bold.

Authors and Affiliation:

Name and last name (separate with comma if there are several authors), institutional affiliation (identify with superscripts in the names and corresponding institutions), indicate with an asterisk the author for correspondence and place your email.


Franco, Wilfredo*1 and Asanza Mercedes2

1Ikiam Amazon Regional University, Tena, Ecuador. 2UEA Amazon State University, Puyo-Pastaza, Ecuador.

*wilfredo.franco@ikiam.edu.ec, gman2260@gmail.com

Leave double space between authors, affiliation and text.


The abstract should have a maximum of 300 words, written in Times New Roman font, size 12, an interlinear space. It should include the general objective of the study along with the justification, brief explanation of the methods applied and a synthesis of the results and conclusions. Do not include bibliographic citations and write it as a continuous paragraph, without a breaking it in two. Keywords: maximum 5, written in lowercase and arranged alphabetically.

Language: Abstracts can be sent in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

Submission or Registration of the Summary:

The abstract must be sent to the Scientific Committee email (ecuador2018_ccientifico@botanica-alb.org) or it can be registered on the Congress website, once the upload option has been activated. The name of the document will be in editable format and must include the first author’s last name, underscore and the initial of the first authors first name, as in the indicated example: “Franco_W.docx”. If there are two summaries, you must indicate with numbering (For example, “Franco_W1.doc” and “Franco_W2.doc”.

The website offers options to enter a new contribution (until March 31, 2018), modify, or delete summaries already sent. Once the proposals have been evaluated by the Scientific Committee, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent to those that have been approved. In accordance with the order of registration, relevance of the summary to the topics of the program, and level of importance of the content, the suggested submission will be confirmed or distributed as oral or poster presentation. As of that moment, the modification option will not be possible.

To withdraw a summary of an accepted paper, the respective notification should be sent to ecuador2018_ccientifico@botanica-alb.org, indicating in the Subject: Withdrawal of summary (N ° of the work), and in the text of the mail indicate the number of the contribution, title and authors.

We recommend checking the congress website constantly for additional information including instructions for oral presentations or poster presentations.


For the development of the XII CLB, in addition to the ALB, ABE and CCE, the following public and private organizations also support the XII CLB: Ministry of the Environment (MAE); National Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SENESCYT); Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Quito; Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR); Regional Amazon University (IKIAM); San Francisco University of Quito (USFQ); University of Guayaquil; State University of the Amazon (UEA); Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE); Cooperativa de Vivienda Puertas del Sol; Jatun Sacha Foundation; International Association for Plant Taxonomy IAPT; Botanical Society of America; Plants Jstor; Quito Tourism, Milenium Events, Hotel JW Marriot and among others that add up.


The XII CLB, in addition to the directive of the Organizing Committee, has the support of many colleagues and committees. To the people interested in collaborating with the congress, please communicate with the electronic addresses to follow:


Committee /Position Person(s) in charge Email
President Alina Freire-Fierro/Alexandra Pérez ecuador2018@botanica-alb.org
Treasurer of the Ecuadorian Botanical Association Carmen Clavón Ocaña tesoreria_abe@botanica-alb.org
Scientific Committee Hugo Valdebenito and Gabriel Picón ecuador2018_ccientifico@botanica-alb.org
Financial Committee Anita Argüello and Carmen Clavón ecuador2018_cfinanzas@botanica-alb.org
Logistic Committee Eventos Milenium eventosmilenium@hotmail.com
Communications Committee José Luis Soto ecuador2018_cmarketting@botanica-alb.org and joselojsc@gmail.com
Touristic and Scientific Excursions Committee Mercedes Asanza ecuador2018_cexcursiones@botanica-alb.org

In addition to the Committees, representatives of various institutions and entities are closely supporting the XII CLB and the ALB: Fanny Tello (MAE), Sierra León (CCE), and Katya Romoleroux (ALB). Ecuadorian and foreign colleagues who wish to collaborate with the various committees are welcome.


The XII CLB Organizing Committee, with the support of the sponsoring institutions, will provide spaces and materials necessary for the execution of the events. However, due to the decree of austerity dictated by the Ecuadorian government, we need to ask for your cooperation in finding the necessary resources to manage support from their institutions and countries to cover the costs of registration, travel and living expenses.

In the case of reimbursement from the Congress, participants can receive 25% of the amount paid for the registration as reimbursement, for which a withdrawal request must be sent to: Treasurer ABE (treasurer_abe@botanica.alb.org) before September 30, 2018. As of October 1, 2018 there will be no refunds.

Circular produced by Wilfredo Franco with the collaboration of Gabriel Picón, Alina Freire-Fierro, Hugo Valdebenito, and Alexandra Pérez.

Download the second circular in PDF format

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