Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Latin American Botanical Association and as the president of the Organizing Committee it is a great honor and pleasure for me to invite you to the XII Latin American BotanicalCongress (LABC), which will be held at House of Ecuadorian CultureCasa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Benjamin Carrión), Quito, Ecuador, 21-28 of October, 2018.

This Congress includes current topics of botany in Latin America, our reality and virtual development.

The Program will be developed based on Keynote Conferences, Symposia, Round Tables, Workshops, Courses, Oral Presentations and Posters. In all cases there will be a space for discussion of the subject in question. Along with outstanding international colleagues, experts from our country will participate. Allare collaborating with the Organizing Committee in a close and enthusiastic manner.

We have also planned social activities that encourage networking, camaraderie and friendship, as well as will exhibit samples of Ecuadorian culture.

Additionally, Quito is an extremely attractive city, characterized by an intense cultural activity, as well as the warmth and hospitality of its inhabitants. It is located in a privileged region of South America, precisely on the equatorial line, parallel 0º in the Middle of the World, offering innumerable possibilities of recreation and moments of relaxation for all those who so wish. On behalf of our Organizing Committee, as well as all the institutions that support this congress and all of our sponsors, we want to thank you for your participation.

Welcome to Quito

Heartfelt Greetings

Alina Freire Fierro
President of the / Latin-American Botanical Congress
Professor / Researcher of Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi
Tena – Ecuador | 2017