Several scientific journals have accepted receiving manuscripts from the research presented at the XII Latin American Botanical Congress.

The Organizing Committee has received a positive response from several scientific journals to receive manuscripts from research presented during the XII Latin American Botanical Congress. The process for the potential publication will be the following:

  1. The author prepares his/her manuscript following the author’s guidelines from the chosen journal
  2. The author will submit during the Congress a digital copy of the manuscript to the Editorial Committee of the LABC or email it to until maximum October 31st, 2018. The email must include under “Subject” the last name of the first author (or corresponding author), followed by the journal they would like to submit to. The manuscript body and captions  for figures/tables will be as PDF, and images will be  on JPG format of no more than 1 MB, and at the end of the text. For example: Subject: For Editorial Committee, FreireFierroA_ActaBotMex.
  3. The Editorial Committee of the LABC will make an initial evaluation of the manuscript. After a positive evaluation, the EC will recommend the author to submit his/her manuscript to the journal he/she chose, or else, the EC will return the manuscript to the author for further revision (Important Note: The journal reserves de right of accepting or rejecting the manuscript, even after the initial recommendation from the Editorial Committee of the LABC)
  4. The author will then submit his/her article to the chosen journal until maximum January 31st, 2019.
  5. The journal will initiate the normal process of evaluation of articles in a similar fashion as they do with independent articles.
  6. If the article has been accepted for publication, the journal will include a note at the beginning of the page (or somewhere in the journal) stating that the article was based on the research presented at the  XII LABC.

Scientific Journals that have accepted receiving manuscripts:

Taxon: (Manuscritos en Inglés):

American Journal of Botany: (Manuscritos en Inglés)

Acta Botanica Mexicana: (Manuscritos en Español, Portugués e Inglés)

Acta Botanica Brasilica (Manuscritos en Español, Portugués e Inglés) :

UTCiencia (Manuscritos en español e inglés):

Hoehnea (Manuscritos en Portugués, español e inglés):

Neotropical Biodiversity (Manuscritos en Español, e Inglés):