Quito - Ecuador

The capital of Ecuador is a city where everything comes together, a nexus of elements that have created a crucible of nature and culture, traditions and modernity that is refreshingly unexpected for visitors.

Quito has impressive diversity: few cities in the world can beat its location in the mountains of the Andes, right in the heart of the Tropics at latitude zero – the Middle of the World. Its natural world can be felt everywhere you look and wander. Walking any street, you’ll find vistas of green mountains, a hummingbird flitting past, while venturing only minutes from the city, adventures in nature abound. But nature also comes in the shape of the dishes and culinary treats served at restaurants and homes, a veritable melting pot of the finest ingredients brought from the city’s surrounding regions and the four worlds the country boasts.
Surprise also comes in the form of culture. In pre-Hispanic times, peoples from distinct elevations and geographies gathered to trade and celebrate here. The Incas built upon these foundations, reveling in its proximity to their deity, the sun. The city of today is the result of a meeting of cultures – indigenous, Spanish and European – reflected above all in its Historic Centre, rightfully recognized by UNESCO in 1978 as the first World Heritage city in the world, but also in its dynamic modern neighborhoods, hives of exchange and creativity.

Welcome to Quito

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Source: Quito Tourism and Meetings Board